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Unlocking the opportunities of social media

Social media and politicians are often seen as a risky mix. Watch this recorded webinar with our guest Roger Christie to learn how to maximise the upsides of being online.
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    Social media and politicians are often seen as a risky mix. We are all too familiar with the horror stories of tweets gone wrong or cancel culture piling on to bring a good leader down. Councillors, in particular, face a unique mix of risks when being online and must also work within a strict policy framework. These risks can sometimes deter councillors from being online at all.

    In this webinar, Roger shares his insights into how elected leaders can unlock the opportunities of social media without fear of it all going south. He will share strategies on how to use social media to enhance your leadership and foster connection in communities.

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    Emma Broomfield

    Emma will be facilitating our online conversation with Roger about unlocking the opportunities of social media.

    Roger Christie
    The Propel Group

    Our webinar guest is a digital reputation expert. He is passionate about amplifying good leadership online.

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