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What are the different learning options?

We offer three main ways of learning – workshops for the whole elected Council (either in person or online), online courses and sessions for individual councillors to attend with other councillors and one to one support.

Who will benefit from our learning experiences?

Our learning experiences are designed for new and returning councillors. Both will benefit from participating in our courses and tailored programs.

Are all the learning options online?

No – we offer face to face workshops for the whole elected Council. 

What skill level is needed

Each course is marked whether it is for aspiring, new or experienced councillors so that you can select a learning option matched to your stage in your leadership journey.

Is the content kept up to date?

Yes. As local government professionals we continually update the courses to reflect new information, changes in legislation and our own learnings to make sure that you’re learning the most important information for councillors today.

What is a Teachable?

Locale Learning uses the Teachable platform to deliver online course content. When you enrol in a course, you will need to create myTeachable account as a student. Learn more about that here.

I'm having issues logging into Teachable and accessing an online course - help!

Troubleshooting and help for accessing the Teachable platform can be found here.

What if I decide a course isn’t for me?

We would be sorry to hear that. Please contact us directly and we will work through the issue with you including refunds within the first 30 days if required.

I’d like more information on upcoming courses or I have an idea for a course?

We are regularly adding new content so you can keep an eye on our website for new courses or keep updated by signing up to our newsletter.

If your council has a training area of need not covered by our courses, please get in contact- we might be working on it already!

I have a few more questions about the learning options, where can I direct them?

If the course outlines or the FAQs don’t have the information you need, you can contact us on or call Emma, our Chief Educator on 0421 180 881.

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