Online courses

Choose from self-paced or interactive induction training and skills development for councillors

Online masterclasses

Level up your knowledge and skills with our masterclasses on topical local government issues. These one hour interactive online sessions are ideal for new and experienced councillors. The sessions are intimate, small group learning experiences. You will leave with an instant knowledge boost!  

Managing social media risks

Managing social media risks

Understand the risks of being online and learn practical strategies to manage these risks. Effective and ethical engagement online, particularly on social media, is a critical skill for local councillors in the modern age.

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Self paced online courses

Get started right now by enrolling in one or more of these self paced training courses. These are self-led and can be completed at anytime, from anywhere. The online course are suitable for councillors who like to learn independently or need to schedule in learning opportunities around other commitments. 

How to become a councillor

How to become a councillor

This short course is a crash introduction to local government and what you need to do to become a councillor.

The course will help you identify the unique mix of skills, legislative knowledge and personal qualities you need to succeed in your bid to be elected.

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The transition from campaigning to governing

The transition from campaigning to governing

This skills module steps new local councillors through the first five steps when transitioning from a community leader to local councillor.

The module is an introduction to the Local Government Act, the Code of Conduct and the Code of Meeting Practice and the role of a local councillor.

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Mastering the Code of Conduct

Mastering the Code of Conduct

This masterclass is a deep dive into the legal and ethical obligations of a local councillor under the Code of Conduct.

It is designed to help councillors understand why the Code is important and how to apply the Code in practice.

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Coming soon

Check out our new courses that are currently in development and let us know if you are interested.

The ultimate guide to being a councillor

This flagship induction training course is designed to help local councillors become effective as early as possible in their first term. The course covers the technical knowledge, ethical requirements and soft skills to help local councillors become effective and strong leaders for their community. 

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