One to one learning and support

Our experienced team works one on one to personalise your learning experience. Whether you are a new councillor or an experienced mayor, we can provide the support and learning you need to continually grow in your role and contributions to the community.

Skills audit and personalised learning plan

Given the diversity of backgrounds, skills, education and practical experience of local councillors, it is important to identify early the professional development needs of each councillor in the elected body.

Our approach includes three simple steps:

Step 1
Self-assessment by councillor of current skills, knowledge and future training needs against industry benchmarks.

Step 2
One to one interview with councillor via Zoom to discuss self-assessment and develop a personalised learning plan.

Step 3
Creation of the personalised learning plan used to track and review education needs during the council term.

The service is offered on a fixed fee basis depending on how many councillors wish to develop a personalised learning plan. It can be done at any time and with one councillor or the whole elected body.

One to one coaching

If a local councillor or Mayor is seeking more individualised support in their leadership journey, they can access one on one support in our coaching program.

We offer coaching packages tailored to the individual needs to councillors or Mayors. These packages cover:

  • Leading the community as Mayor
  • Being a councillor
  • Mindful communication and leadership
  • Conflict and leadership support
  • Technical knowledge and skills in local government

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