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Unpacking the legal framework for local government 

Build a foundational knowledge of the legislation that underpins local government in NSW

Masterclass overview

Let’s face it, local government is a complex creature. It exists within a set legislative framework. To be effective as a councillor, you need to have a solid understanding of the legislation making up the local government system and also your role within int.

In this interactive masterclass, we unpack the legal framework for local government and explain the key pieces of legislation and why these are important to you as a councillor, so that you can confidently engage in decision making in the Chamber and talk to your constituents about what it all means.

The online masterclass is one hour with a maximum of 10 participants.

Who should do this masterclass?

This interactive masterclass is for:

  • newly elected local councillors who want to gain a foundational knowledge of the legal framework for local government 
  • more experienced councillors who would like a refresher on the system

Masterclass outcomes

By the end of the masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Name the key pieces of legsilation that make up the local government system in NSW
  • Understand the jargon in Council reports and documents
  • Explain core local government terms in plain English
  • Tell your constituents what all the acronyms mean

You can combine this masterclass with other induction programs offered by your local council or with our self-paced online courses.

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24 June 2022

12.30pm – 1.30pm

Your facilitators

Your facilitator for this masterclass will be Emma. She brings practical experience in applying the Code of Conduct through reviewing complaints about the disclosure and management of conflicts of interest. 

Emma Broomfield Locale Learning

Emma Broomfield

Founder & Chief Educator

Emma is a qualified mediator and recovering lawyer with  20 years experience in the local government industry. Her passion is helping communities work better together. She strongly believes in the power of local leaders to transform local communities. As a Code of Conduct reviewer and experienced trainer, Emma brings unique insights into the challenges local councillors face. She is the lead educator and coach at Locale Learning.

Benefits of peer based learning

Small online group – our interactive masterclasses are limited to 10 people. You will make connections with peers from other councils and use shared experiences to develop your knowledge.

Short and concise sessions – our masterclasses are only one hour making them perfect to fit in around your busy schedule and other personal commitments.

Confidential and private setting – our sessions are run on a confidential basis. This creates a low stakes learning environment for you and others to openly share and learn. 

Our masterclasses will be held regularly on topics of interest for councillors. As you progress through your term in office you will find content matched to your leadership journey. Check our training calendar to book your next session.

Frequently asked questions

Is this right for my skill level?

This masterclass is ideal for newly elected local councillors who want to quickly decipher Council documents and confidently engage in decision making.

If you’re not sure if this is for you, reach out to Emma directly for a no-obligation chat – or 0421 180 881.

What if I can’t attend at the scheduled time?

Bad timing? We don’t want you to miss out on this learning opportunity.

Let us know that you would love to attend a session but can’t make it by emailing us at

You will be the first to know our next masterclass is going live.

Who will I be learning with?

The masterclass is a small group learning experience with a maximum of 10 participants. You will be learning alongside other councillors from different places across Australia.

How much is it?

The masterclass is $100 (+gst) per person. If you are a local council looking to supplement your induction training with this session for the whole elected body, please get in touch with Emma at or 0421 180 881 to discuss your needs.

Is it recorded?

Our masterclasses are live and interactive. To create a confidential setting and maximise participation, we do not record the session.

How long is it?

The masterclass is one hour.

What do I need?

Just yourself, a device to access the Zoom session plus a notepad and pen.

I have an idea for a masterclass topic

We would love to hear from you! Please drop Emma an email at and share away.

I would love more information on other learning opportunities

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I've got more questions...

No problem! Book a time for a chat with Emma by emailing or call Emma directly on 0421 180 881- all questions welcome!

Don’t miss the next one!


24 June 2022

12.30pm – 1.30pm

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