New councillor program

New councillor program

Amplify your leadership in your first term of office with our tailored program of support for new councillors

Program overview

This six month program is designed to empower new councillors to succeed in their first term. It covers everything you need to know to not only survive but thrive!

The program is delivered in a hybrid learning format. It combines self-paced content with small group interactive learning opportunities.

It is designed to accelerate your learning, put you in the driving seat and give you the skills, tools and knowledge to maximise your impact as a councillor. Our program is the ideal companion to in-house induction training.

Download the detailed program here.

Who should do this program?

This program is ideal for local councillors who have been elected for the first time in the local government elections in December 2021. It is perfect for new councillors who:

  • wish to accelerate the learning curve in their new role as a councillor
  • want to amplify their leadership skills for maximal effect
  • want to network with other motivated councillors
  • like a mix of self-led content and interactive sessions
  • come with a collaborative and growth mindset

Program outcomes

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Confidently lead your community with integrity and heart
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities as a councillor
  • Effectively and productively participate in Council meetings
  • Make robust decisions for your community
  • Grow solid relationships with other councillors and Council staff
  • Understand the local government framework and planning system
  • Know how to look after yourself in your leadership role

Program details

The program contains six core modules that cover the technical expertise, human skills and ethical obligations you need to succeed as a councillor.

  • Module 1 – Leading with integrity and heart
  • Module 2 – Cultivating a culture of good governance
  • Module 3 – Demystifying the local government system and lingo
  • Module 4 – Creating an impact in the Chamber
  • Module 5 – Cracking the code in land use planning
  • Module 6 – Boosting performance and managing stress

Each month a module will be released that will include self-led content. This may include watching videos, reading material and reflecting on your experience. For each module you will be set a short task and will apply the learning in real life.

At the start of each month there will be a 1.5 hour interactive online small group learning session held by Zoom. This session will focus on the monthly topic and will be an opportunity for councillors to ask questions and apply your learnings in a confidential setting.

To maximise engagement and learning opportunities, the program is limited to 10 councillors per group. You gain access to an exclusive Linkedin group to connect with each other and share content.

The next program cohort starts in July 2022 and ends in December 2022.

We offer one place in the program through our scholarship program. This aims to support women who are newly elected to local government and who live in a regional or rural area. Read more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply. 

Enrolments open now!

Next program launches 1 July 2022

For the early birds, get a 20% discount if you enrol by 31 May 2022

Your facilitators

Your lead facilitator for this program will be Emma. She will be joined by Cinnamon and Anna. Together, we will support you on your leadership journey during your first year in office. Here’s what others have to say about our training: 

“I loved all the training and this new knowledge has given me more confidence in my role as an elected councillor and better equips me to be a stronger voice for our community.”

Emma Broomfield Locale Learning

Emma Broomfield

Governance & Conflict Specialist

Emma is a qualified mediator and recovering lawyer with  20 years experience in the local government industry. Her passion is helping communities work better together. She strongly believes in the power of local leaders to transform local communities. As a Code of Conduct reviewer and experienced trainer, Emma brings unique insights into the challenges local councillors face. She is the lead educator and coach at Locale Learning.

Cinnamon Dunsford

Planning & Engagement Expert

Cinnamon is a certified practising planner and community engagement specialist with an exceptional knowledge of the NSW planning system. Her love is community led and grassroots planning. Cinnamon is known for her fantastic facilitation skills and ability to transform community dreams into action. She works closely with councils and communities to align visions and aspirations with practical solutions.

Anna Miley Mindset Coach


Mindset & Mindfulness Coach

Anna Miley is an accredited exercise physiologist, yoga therapist and mindset coach who works with leaders to create successful balance in their lives. Anna’s professional mission is to educate on the power of self-care in leadership. She has a deep understanding of the impact of stress on the body and the mind, and how to boost performance through mindfulness techniques. Anna is a highly experienced teacher and facilitator.

Benefits of the program

Empowering you to succeed – the program is designed to set new councillors up for success and to build confidence when making decisions as part of the elected Council.

Small online group – each program is limited to 10 people. You will make connections with peers from other councils and use shared experiences to deepen your knowledge.

Confidential and private setting – the program is run on a confidential basis. This creates a low stakes learning environment for you and others to openly share and learn.

Frequently asked questions

Is this right for my skill level?

This program is ideal for newly elected councillors who want to elevate their leadership potential in their first term and are looking to connect with others on the learning journey.

If you’re not sure if this is for you, reach out to Emma directly for a no-obligation chat – or 0421 180 881.

When does the program start and end?

The program starts on 1 July 2022 and ends on 15 December 2022. Download the detailed program here.

When is the interactive online session?

The interactive sessions will be held on the first Friday of the month at 12.30pm.

Download the detailed program here.

What if I can’t attend at the scheduled time?

Bad timing? We don’t want you to miss out on this learning opportunity.

Let us know that you would love to be part of the program but can’t make it by emailing us at

You will be the first to know our next program is released.

How long do I have access to the content?

After enrolling in the program, you will have access to the self-led content for one year.

Who will I be learning with?

The program is a small group learning experience with a maximum of 10 participants. You will be learning alongside other councillors from different places across NSW.

How much is it?

This program is $2,500(+gst) per councillor.
If you are a local council looking to supplement your induction training with this program for the whole elected body, please get in touch with Emma at or 0421 180 881 to discuss your needs.

What do I need?

Just yourself, a device to access the Zoom session plus a notepad and pen.

I would love more information on other learning opportunities

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I've got more questions...

No problem! Book a time for a chat with Emma by emailing or call Emma directly on 0421 180 881- all questions welcome!

Don’t miss the next one!

Next program launches 1 July 2022

For the early birds, get a 20% discount if you enrol by 31 May 2022 

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