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Thrive through the campaign and beyond

You are running the campaign race. How do you keep something left in the tank for election day and beyond? Stay on track with these pivotal techniques for sustaining your energy and resilience.

Thursday, 15 August 2024
12:30pm - 1.30pm AEDT (UTC+10)

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Survive and thrive

Campaigning is an intense journey. And it can be a long one! We're now getting down to the pointy end, with less two months to go until election day. Being able to renew your energy effectively and remain resilient under pressure are two must-have skills for a successful campaign and a smooth transition to civic leadership.

Importantly, come election day, you need to have something left in the tank to go the next leg if you are successfully elected as a councillor.

In our exclusive webinar, you'll learn mindset and breathing  techniques designed specifically to help political campaigners and leaders maintain their energy, stay focused, and remain resilient under pressure.

What will I learn?

Our mindset and wellbeing coach, Anna Miley will share three techniques to help you maintain your energy and stay motivated during the local government elections and beyond.

The techniques engage your body, mind and breath.
Learn three pivotal techniques to boost your energy and resilience:
  • Mindset mastery: Learn a practical technique to adopt a growth mindset that keeps you curious and adaptive and able to bounce back from set-backs.

  • Breathing exercise: Perform a simple yet effective breathing exercise that instantly boosts your energy levels and reduce stress.

  • Body language: To maintain high performance and connect authentically with your community, even during the most challenging moments.

Who should attend the webinar?

This webinar is for people involved in campaigning and beyond in local government. We invite candidates, campaign staff and volunteers and council staff to particpate.

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Your presenter

Anna Miley is our mindset coach and political wellbeing specialist. She is a qualified mindset coach, accredited exercise physiologist and yoga therapist who works with leaders to create successful balance in their lives. Anna’s professional mission is to educate on the power of self-care in leadership. She has a deep understanding of the impact of stress on the body and the mind, and how to boost performance and reduce the mental load through mindfulness techniques.

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Trailblazing organisation

At Locale Learning, we believe in humanising the political experience and supporting local elected leaders to reach their leadership potential. In 2023 we were recognised by the Apolitical Foundation as a trailblazing organisation for the work we do in providing practical support to councillors to improve their wellebing.  Our mission is to share ideas on useful ways to bolster the mental health of elected leaders, with positive outcomes for communities in mind. 

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