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Ultimate guide: Candidate resources for the local government election

by | 15 August, 2021

Candidate resources

Typically, candidates running for election are first and foremost focused on getting elected. At its core, this means executing a successful campaign. For obvious reasons, this is critical.

However, at the same time, candidates should take some time to learn about the basics of local government and what life will be like if elected.

With the extended delay of the local government elections, successful candidates will now have less than three years in office. This makes it even more important for candidates to learn as much as possible now so that they can hit the ground running in the New Year.

Here we share a complete list of candidates resources – which will help both during the campaign and to prepare for elected life.

Important candidate resources

NSW Electoral Commission

The NSW Electoral Commission website is the go place for information on the election. You can download the Candidate Handbook, watch free webinars on managing campaign finances and find information about handling political donations. The Commission also has a candidate helpdesk which you can call on 1300 022 011or email:

Office of Local Government

The Office of Local Government has several guides for those thinking of becoming a councillor. This includes:

  • Stand for your community: Candidate guide
  • An online candidate information tool

These are helpful resources to understand more about the local government framework and how you will make decisions as a councillor.

With a view to increasing the diversity within councils, the Office of Local Government also has specific information for women and others from diverse backgrounds. This includes inspiring stories from women who have had successful careers as local councillors.

Candidate information sessions

Most councils across NSW have held information sessions for candidates leading up to the election. These are a fantastic way to learn more about what your local council does and what life will be like if elected. If you missed a session, then:

These free resources will help you understand what is in store for you.

Other valuable candidate resources

There are a number of great sources of information to support candidates, particularly those from diverse backgrounds.

Women for Election

Women for Election is a non-partisan organisation that provides support for women wanting to take the plunge into political life. Keep a look out on its website for events and training opportunities for candidates.

Politics in Colour

Politics in Colour provides support for candidates from diverse backgrounds. Check out its website for upcoming webinars and candidate training opportunities.

Our candidate webinar series

In the coming months, don’t miss our candidate webinar series. These will focus on the fundamentals of the local government framework and the basics of being a councillor. This includes:

  • understanding the nuts and bolts of local government
  • knowing who does what in local government
  • setting yourself up for success in elected life

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