Live webinars

Empowering resilience and performance:
Stress relief webinars for local government leaders 

Make a move and prioritise your mental wellbeing.  
Decompress from the juggle of your civic role with work and family commitments and re-energise your leadership focus through simple short mind-care techniques. 

Wednesdays 12:00 - 12:30pm
  • 1 November 2023
  • 22 November 2023 
  • 13 December 2023

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High-capacity, purpose-driven people need to take care of their minds more than most

The tendency to prioritise everyone else’s needs before your own is noble. This show of service to others needs balancing with mind-care techniques so you can sustain your leadership.  These practical sessions will build your resilience to the pressures of local government leadership. Councillors and council staff are welcome. 

The topics for this series include:

  • Session 1:  Decompressing after a chamber meeting: the art of unwinding and recovering so you can go again
  • Session 2: Sticky situations and hard conversations: the art of self-regulation and keeping cool in conflict
  • Session 3: Getting 5% more: the art of focus to make even better decisions for highly capable people

The sessions are short to fit into busy schedules, and designed for attendees to participate live (no recordings will be available). Each session is unique and you can attend one, two or all of the sessions. 

What will you experience? 

The small-group online sessions are designed with your busy schedule in mind. Log-in, sit back, relax, log-out.
In 30-minutes you will gain direct experience of the power of mindfulness in enhancing leadership performance. 
Amidst the hustle of your daily life in leadership, maintaining mental wellbeing is vital. Our mindfulness offer you the tools to:
  • Improve focus to make well-considered decisions that positively impact your community 
  • Nurture your mental resilience to cope with the pressures of civic life 
  • Centre yourself for hard conversations with your fellow councillors, council staff and constituents 
  • Learn simple yet potent techniques to cut through the noise and focus on what truly matters 
  • Unwind effectively after intense chamber meetings to sleep restfully and be ready to get up and go again 

How you might feel after the sessions

Brighter in your outlook

More able to orientate to positives.

Calmer in your responses

Overcome challenges faster.

Less tension in your body

Reduce the distraction of pain or discomfort.

Lighter in your attitude

Be less affected by self-criticism

Clearer in your thoughts

Better perspective and less over-thinking.

More energised in your creativity

Find solutions more readily.

Your presenter

At Locale Learning we believe in humanising the political experience and supporting local elected leaders to reach their leadership potential. Our team are united by our common passion to transform the leadership capabilities of our local elected representatives. 

Anna Miley
Mindset & Wellbeing Coach

Anna Miley is a mindset coach, accredited exercise physiologist and yoga therapist who works with leaders to create successful balance in their lives. Anna’s professional mission is to educate on the power of self-care in leadership. She has a deep understanding of the impact of stress on the body and the mind, and how to boost performance and reduce the mental load through mindfulness techniques

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