Working together and dealing with differences

Workshop overview

When you have people working together, there will always be different opinions and viewpoints. Maintaining the balance between healthy and constructive differences and negativity that disrupts performance can be tricky.

This is no different in a local government setting, where local councillors must come together and make decisions on behalf of their community. When a newly elected body is formed, there is also a coming together of a unique collection of individuals who need to govern a large and complex organisation.

This workshop gives councillors the opportunity to come together as a team to develop skills to effectively work together and deal with differences.

It is ideal at the start of a new council term or as a refresher part way through.

Key learning outcomes

The workshop delivers the following outcomes:

  • Building a sense of team for the elected body
  • Understanding the unique context of local council decision making
  • Identifying common flashpoints of conflict and dispute in local government
  • Practical tools and techniques for building consensus and resolving conflict
  • Applying a conflict resolution mindset
  • Knowing what to do if differences can’t be resolved

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for the elected body to attend together. Senior council staff may also benefit from attending.

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What attendees receive

All attendees will receive a cheat sheet which provides an effective and practical process to work through when resolving differences.

Delivery method

We can deliver this workshop in person or online to suit your needs. The workshop duration can also be tailored to meet your requirements including combining the workshop with other topics as part of a package.

Your facilitators

Your instructor for this course is Emma Broomfield, the Founder and Chief Educator at Locale Learning. Emma is a trained lawyer and nationally accredited mediator with a passion for helping communities work better together. She strongly believes in the power of local leaders to transform local communities.

Over many years, Emma has worked with local councillors in a range of different capacities. This includes as a Code of Conduct reviewer, coach, trainer, legal advisor and conflict resolution specialist. Emma is known for her warm engaging style and practical training workshops.

What people say about Emma’s training style

"Very professional and astute."

"Informative, knowledgeable, presented well"

"Very engaging – thorough but not overwhelming"

Emma Broomfield Locale Learning

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