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Don't sink - swim

Succeed in your first year of office with our leadership accelerator programs. You will learn everything you need to be a respected local government councillor.

So you've been elected...

Now it is time to scaffold and build your skills and knowledge into a solid platform of political leadership.

You have a responsibility to your community and fellow councillors to grow your leadership skill set and build your knowledge of governing.

Our tailored programs are designed specifically to support you as a local government leader to elevate your leadership and thrive in this role.

Now make the impact you promised

Being an elected representative of your community is complex and requires a broad suite of skills. Your community will have high expectations of outcomes from the elected body and you as an individual. We are here to help you lead with the integrity required of a modern leader.
Know you have what it takes to;
  • Confidently lead your community with integrity and heart
  • Competently govern as part of the elected council
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities as a councillor
  • Effectively and productively participate in Council meetings
  • Make robust decisions for your community
  • Grow solid relationships with other councillors & Council staff
  • Understand the local government & planning system
  • Contribute to planning decisions ethically and competently
  • Look after yourself in your leadership role
  • Maintain motivation and purpose throughout your term

Take your leadership to the next level 

We are ready to take the leap with you!

Accelerate, boost or go at your own pace

Whether you like to plug away and practice your learning before adding more or you like to dive and soak up as much as you can as fast as you can we have a course format to suit.  All of our learning programs include access to our facilitators as well as community collaboration inside our alumni network.

Are we a match?

We think so!

You have scrolled this far down, so we know you are ready to engage in professional learning that is dynamic and packs a punch when it comes to quality and relevance. We work with local government councillors who:

Want to network with other motivated councillors in a supported space
Wish to accelerate the learning curve in their new role as a councillor
Are curious about ways to better manage the complexity of the role 

Come with a collaborative and growth mindset

Sound like you?

Your facilitators

Three expert facilitators will guide you in our leadership programs. They are down-to-earth, dynamic and deeply care about your success.

Emma Broomfield
Lead facilitator

Cinnamon Dunsford
Planning & engagement mentor

Anna Miley
Mindset & wellbeing coach

What others say about us

"I have appreciated your encouragement in supporting our professional development. The process of becoming a competent councillor has been a real learning curve. Through the course we have learned new skills, capabilities, and the importance of collaboration. I feel now I am on my way to making a significant difference to help my community. "
First time councillor
"I really like this program. There are plenty of courses that cover the processes but this does it in a more individualised way and always with an emphasis on integrity. I love the way it helps me to evolve gently but purposefully into a better & more confident councillor. The interaction with the others in the program is also very useful. Rather than just telling us stuff, you guide us through it & encourage us to work it out ourselves."
First time councillor
"So far it’s been tremendous to have an avenue to continue to learn more about the governance side and some of the policy which I had no idea about when coming into this position. It is a very steep learning curve for me but that’s how I like to learn by throwing myself in the deep end, I am really loving it. Thank you for your wonderful support and how you guide us with your amazing knowledge and understanding of this subject matter and yet still allowing us to do it in our own style."
First time councillor

Frequently asked questions

Our leadership programs are designed to accelerate your learning, put you in the driving seat and give you the skills, tools and knowledge to maximise your impact as a councillor.

Who should participate?

Our programs are ideal for local councillors who have been elected for the first time and are in their first year of office. They are ideal companions to in-house induction training.

Is this a confidential learning experience?

Yes it is. We do not disclose any information discussed in the live program sessions.

What is the delivery method?

We use a mix of live virtual sessions, pre-recorded videos, and reading materials to deliver our content. None of the content is dry and all of it is useful.

How do I access the course materials?

Via our specialised learning platform which is super easy to use.

Will I have access to the program facilitators?

Yes you will! All three of us are available to support you, with our lead facilitator Emma Broomfield being your main point of contact via email, within the group learning sessions and within our online alumni network.

Does it contribute to my professional development?

Yes. Our programs are able to be reported in your professional development obligations as required by the Office of Local Government NSW.

Who pays for the program?

Councillors may be able to access a professional development budget through their councils. You are also able to enrol in our programs using your own funds.

Have more questions?

You can click onto the individual packages to read more detailed information about each program. We are also available to answer your questions at

Yes, I'm in! 

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