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Coaching & mentoring

We see your passion and drive to serve your community. Our mission is to see you succeed in this role.

Support tailored to you

You are unique in your leadership. Your previous life, career and councillor experience all contribute to the unique skills and knowledge that your community has recognised in you. All leaders have blind spots, great leaders turn them into strengths.

Individual leadership coaching is responsive to your requirements and enables you to receive maximum support and attention from your coach. Coaching cuts away any irrelevant content and hyper-focuses on your identified learning needs.

Our one-to-one coaching will solidify your leadership by supporting you to turn skills and knowledge gaps into strengths.

Why one to one coaching?

Our one-to-one coaching packages are designed specifically to support local government leaders develop a solid platform of ethical and impactful political leadership. Councillors choose coaching for many reasons. Here are some of the top reasons.

Tailored support

Understand your individual learning needs and a set down a solid
pathway for growth and impact.

Flexible approach

Choose a coaching program that fits into your busy schedule and matches your unique needs. 

Strengths based

Focus on your leadership assets and learn how you can use them for the good of your community.


Stay accountable to your learning goals and growth areas with regular check-ins.


A confidential space to talk freely and openly without fear of judgement. 

Impactful results

Elevate your impact in a strategic and structured way, and see real changes in your leadership.

The sticky stuff

Your coaching program will be tailored to meet your needs.
Here are some of the learning areas our previous clients have enhanced through coaching with us.


Gained clarity about their purpose as a councillor and identified core values to underpin their political and public behaviour.


Shaken off any ‘imposter syndrome’ and taken the reigns of leading with integrity and heart to lead confidently and competently.


Cemented competence in core technical areas such as the legislation, planning system or meeting rules and procedures  


Identified the subtle nuances and ethical blind spots when managing conflicts of interests and discharging governance obligations


Finessed communication skills such listening, persuading, and debating for the Chamber and in the community


Built solid skills of mental resilience and increased capacity to make tough decisions under pressure
As a newly elected first time councillor, I was struggling to take in all of the information I was being bombarded with from council and I was not confident in my ability to correctly and confidently participate in our council meetings. I commenced coaching sessions with Emma and she helped me with uncovering and drilling down on the specific areas I needed to work on, to uncover some simple solutions. She also provided me with some handy templates to be more organised and better prepared for my meetings. This helped me find my confidence and enhance the skills I need to deliver better outcomes in my council meetings.
First time councillor

Take your leadership to the next level 

We are ready to take the leap with you!

Coaching process

Our coaching process is robust and will gently nudge you to step outside your comfort zone to expand your skill set and build your confidence. You will emerge with the capability and effectiveness you and your community expect from your leadership.

Phase 1

A self-led audit tool to evaluate your current skills against the capability framework for local councillors
in NSW. This self-reflection is the crucial first step to the process.

Phase 2
Collaborative design

We debrief on the audit tool and identify your most desired learning areas and blind spots. You will receive an action plan to successfully transform
knowledge gaps into leadership assets.

Phase 3
Growth & impact

Online coaching sessions to get you from where you are now to where you need to be so that you can fully serve your community and reach your leadership potential.

Phase 4
Connect & support

Councillors gain access to our exclusive alumni network for
councillors who have completed our coaching programs. This provides on going peer support.

Coaching packages

You can choose a coaching package that matches your needs.

Laser focus

For councillors who are short on time and want to identify their leadership strengths and hone in on one area for immediate growth and action. 
  • 2 hours of coaching over 3 weeks 
  • Self-reflection tools
  • Admission to alumni network


For councillors who want to boost their knowledge in two focus areas to give an instant lift to their impact and desire access to a trusted sounding board.
  • 4 hours of coaching over 5 weeks
  • Self-reflection tools
  • Coach in your pocket support
  • Admission to alumni network


For councillors who want to accelerate their impact across four key areas and desire access to a trusted sounding board and accountability partner.
  • 11 hours of coaching over 7 weeks
  • Self-reflection tools
  • Coach in your pocket support
  • Admission to alumni network

Are we a match?

We think so!

You have scrolled this far down, so we know you are ready to engage in professional learning that is dynamic and packs a punch when it comes to quality and relevance. We work with local government councillors who:

Wish to learn and grow directly with a coach
Want to amplify their leadership skills and positive impact for their community 
Are curious about ways to better manage the complexity of the role 

May be experiencing challenges and wish to remedy the issues through self-development

Sound like you?

Your coaches & mentors

Three expert coaches will guide you in our packages. They are down-to-earth, dynamic and deeply care about your success.

Emma Broomfield
Lead coach

Cinnamon Dunsford
Planning & engagement mentor

Anna Miley
Mindset & wellbeing coach

Frequently asked questions

Through our professional coaching and mentoring you will grow the skills, tools and knowledge you need to maximise your impact as a councillor.

Who is suited to coaching?

Motivated councillors wanting targeted learning support for their unique professional development. Our coaching packages are available to new and returning councillors.

Is this a confidential learning experience?

Yes it is. We do not disclose any information discussed in the coaching sessions.

What is the delivery method?

Coaching is generally delivered via live virtual (Zoom) calls. Additional learning resources and content may be delivered via pre-recorded videos and reading materials. None of the content is dry and all of it is useful.

How do I access the course materials?

We will use Zoom, email, Voxer (voice messaging app) and our specialised learning platform which is easy to access and use.

Will I have access to my coach?

Yes you will! Depending on your learning needs you will work with one (or more) of our coaches. You will be able to contact us via email or the Voxer voice memo App for ‘in your pocket’ support (lift-off and elevate packages only).

Does it contribute to my professional development?

Yes. Our coaching programs are able to be reported in your professional development obligations as required by the Office of Local Government NSW.

Who pays for the coaching?

Councillors may be able to access a professional development budget through their councils. You are also able to purchase our coaching packages personally.

Have more questions?

You can click onto the individual packages to read more detailed information about each coaching package. We are also available to answer your questions at

Yes, I'm in! 

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