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Self-led learning

The core of our content compiled into neat self-led courses for you to complete at your pace.

Self-led yet fully supported

We’ve combined the key learning material from our live courses with our intuitive learning platform so you can gain the skills you need, when you need them.

Our on-demand courses offer convenience and flexibility, with videos, exercises and ways to deepen your knowledge. You’ll learn new skills when and where it works for you.

This option is for you if you prefer budget-friendly and no-fuss professional development learning.

Be in control of your learning

Our courses are designed to be self-led, meaning you can work through them at your own pace and at a time that suits you. They are accessible to councillors of all levels of experience. So whether you're a seasoned councillor or just starting out, you will learn something new to complement your existing knowledge.


Meet your obligations under the legislation to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to do your job.


Expand your knowledge beyond the rules and have time to practise your new skills in real life.


Consolidate your existing knowledge and refresh it in areas that are of most interest to you 

Thought-leadership webinar series

In this two-part webinar series, we explore the unspoken and provide fresh insights into the challenges facing councillors. We uncover why the wellbeing of our elected leaders matters and why its important for councillors to enhance their understanding of community engagement. 

Your guides

Our self-led learning experiences are created and delivered by experts in the field. We're committed to providing you with the highest quality learning experience.  We also love to collaborate with experts from outside the sector to bring you fresh ideas and perspectives.

Emma Broomfield
Founder & Lead facilitator

Cinnamon Dunsford
Planning & engagement expert

Anna Miley
Mindset & wellbeing coach

Dysfunction in councils webinar series

In this five part webinar series, we take you through the layers of dysfunction that can occur within the governing body. This starts with your own mindset and then relationships with councillor colleagues, council staff and the community. 

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Is self-led learning for me?

Learn at your own pace, in your own space, and on a timeline that works with your busy schedule. Our courses enable you to meet the professional learning requirements for elected local government councillors in NSW as stipulated by the Office of Local Government NSW.
These courses are perfect for local government councillors who:

Wish to learn in spaced bite-sized nuggets of content
Prefer to set their own schedule and learn in their own time
Travel frequently and wish to learn while on-the-go
Enjoys the pairing of video with follow-up written resources
Wish to have control over the rate of their comprehension and retention 
Wants engaging learning that agrees with your budget

What others say about us

"I’m loving the courses that you provide. They’re all so relevant."
Current councillor
"The webinar was great - and thought provoking. I love the framework for managing mental wellbeing and will keep those categories in mind as a way of assessing how I am going."
Current councillor
"I've watched the wellbeing webinar, and you've nailed it. I have already referred a few friends to the webinar, and to candidates standing this election. So thank you, its great work and so on point."
Current councillor

Frequently asked questions

Our self-led learning modules provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel in your role as a councillor and make a positive impact in your community.

Who should enrol?

Motivated councillors wanting self-paced learning options for their unique professional development. Our self-led courses are available to both new and returning councillors.

What is the delivery method? 

The course is hosted on our intuitive learning platform. You will create your own account and be able to access the course content on-demand. 

Who pays for the course?

Councillors may be able to access a professional development budget through their Councils. You are also able to purchase our coaching and courses personally.

What kind of content is used?

The learning resources and content are drip fed via pre-recorded videos and reading materials. Some of our self-led courses have interactive facilitator feedback inclusions.

What if I need technical support?

We provide all of our course participants with email support via For technical trouble shooting visit the Learnworlds support page. 

Have more questions?

You can click onto the individual courses to read more detailed information about the inclusions. We are also available to answer your questions at

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