Responsible for the training of local councillors?

These learning options make it easy

Locale Learning offers local councils a range of training options to boost your induction and ongoing professional development programs.

We make it easy for you to meet your obligations under the legislation to provide training opportunities for your elected representatives.

Pre-election information

GMs are recommended to organise at least one pre-election information session for people considering running for local council. Ideally held before nomination day, this session should inform potential candidates on what’s expected from them if elected.

With the next local government election scheduled for 4 December 2021, local councils should be planning to hold these sessions between May and October 2021.

Candidate workshop

In person or online

We deliver in person or online pre-election information sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of your local council, such as diversity or women in government. The session covers the role and responsibilities of local government, councillors and staff under the Local Government Act, as well as legal and ethical obligations. The skills, knowledge and time commitment needed for local government participation are also covered.

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Induction and professional development

Locale Learning offers a range of learning options to supplement local council run induction programs and supercharge the professional development of the Mayor and councillors.

Online learning options

Our online options offer local councillors a short cut through the steep learning curve. Choose from our tailored program of support for new and returning councillors, interactive masterclasses and self-led modules on the foundations. 

Skills audit & personalised learning plan

A newly elected council always comes with a diversity of backgrounds, skills and experience. We help you identify training needs early and develop a personalised learning plan for each councillor.

In person or online workshops

We offer group workshops across a range of topics to support the elected body and supplement in-house induction or professional development programs. Workshops can be delivered in person or online.

One to one coaching

A one on one coach can provide councillors with more individualised support in their leadership journey. Our coaches will tailor a support package to meet each elected representative’s needs.

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