Find out your conflict management style

Identify how you typically respond to conflict and learn about how you can adapt your default style to meet the situation 
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    Conflict is an inevitable part of human interaction and being able to effectively resolve conflict is an essential skills of an elected leader.

    For most people being in conflict is unpleasant and feels uncomfortable – it can feel like the weather, with its sunshine and storms, rain and hail, unpredictable winds and tides. It can feel out of control and tricky to navigate.  

    How we handle conflict can greatly impact the outcomes and the relationships involved. But the reality is that many of us never fully develop our skills to effectively resolve conflict and we get stuck in habitual patterns. These patterns are often wired into us from an early age.
    The first step in improving your conflict resolution skills is self-awareness. This includes awareness of you how to tend to show up in conflict situations. By the end of this mini-course you will have identified your default conflict management style and know how you can adapt this according to the situation.

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    Your coach, Emma Broomfield, is a qualified mediator and lawyer with 20 years experience in the local government industry. Her passion is helping communities work better together. She strongly believes in the power of local leaders to transform local communities. As an experienced Code of Conduct reviewer and trainer, Emma brings unique insights into the challenges local councillors face. She is the lead facilitator and coach at Locale Learning.
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