One to one coaching

Lift-off package for conscious leaders 

Amplify your political leadership with one to one coaching. This is our 'meet me in the middle' coaching package.
  • Coaching duration

    6 weeks
  • One to one learning

    4 x 1 hour sessions
  • Online

    Virtual delivery
  • On demand support

    Via the Voxer app
    Lift off coaching package - Locale Learning

    Lift off - in brief

    This is our Goldilocks coaching package, not too much and not too little but just right for councillors who want all the fillings, sandwiched into a shorter time frame.

    Our lift-off package meets you exactly where you are and takes you to the next level in two focus learning areas. 

    Over six weeks you will address four key learning areas in four coaching sessions. You will be able to access your coach for accountability and reflection via the Voxer App. You also receive membership in our Alumni.


    An intensive coaching experience designed give you an instant boost in the areas that matter to you most. 


    New or experienced councillors who are ready to address skills gaps and want to get the work done in a timely manner with intensive support.


    To get on top of a few blindspots in your leadership skill set. This package hones in on two learning areas for noticeable growth and increased competency.

    Let's do this

    Our one to one coaching is designed to accelerate your learning through tailored professional mentoring. 
    Coaching compatibility checklist:
    • You are in your first or second term of office
    • Have completed your initial induction training but are still feeling like there is so much to know and master
    • Ready to lead with deep self-awareness at the core of every decision
    • Wish to accelerate your learning curve to avoid a “I wish I had known that” scenario
    • Want to back your words with solid practical skills to make positive informed impact
    • Want to best handle the unique pressures of local government
    • Wish to confidently engage in positive politics
    • Are ready to embrace a growth mindset and be gently nudged outside your comfort zone

    The process

    We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in serving your community.  This is a snapshot of the process:
    • Choose to have a discovery call with us or jump straight in
    • Complete the onboarding process in our online portal
    • Book your online sessions with your coach
    • Check your tech set-up (you need Zoom and a good internet connection) 
    • Complete the coaching journey (see it mapped out below)
    • Apply your new skills and capabilities

    The coaching process

    Phase 1
    Self-audit & reflection

    Use the self-led audit tool to evaluate your current skills against the capability framework for local councillors in NSW. This self-reflection is the crucial first step to the process.

    Phase 2
    Co-design & planning

    Debrief on the self-led audit tool and identify your most desired learning areas. Your action plan will identify growth areas to successfully transform knowledge gaps into leadership assets.

    Phase 3
    Growth & impact

    Online coaching sessions to take you from where you are now to where you want to be so that you can fully serve your community and reach your leadership potential. 

    Phase 4
    Connection & support 

    Gain access to our exclusive alumni network for councillors who have completed our coaching programs. Connect and support each other your leadership journeys,

    Your coach

    Your coach, Emma Broomfield, is a qualified mediator and lawyer with 20 years experience in the local government industry. Her passion is helping communities work better together. She strongly believes in the power of local leaders to transform local communities. As an experienced Code of Conduct reviewer and trainer, Emma brings unique insights into the challenges local councillors face. She is the lead facilitator and coach at Locale Learning.

    Ready to go?

    Hit the enrol button and start your leadership journey with us today.
    Coaching client archive - Locale Learning

    Coaching client archive

    Councillor X contacted us after having experienced several instances of direct conflict with a fellow councillor in the Chamber. Councillor X was unsure of the best way to manage the situation and initially thought he might want to utilise our mediation and advice services. However, after a short phone call it became apparent Councillor X wanted to improve his active listening and mindful communication skills so he could better influence the Chamber and outcomes.

    His coaching sessions focused on the practical skills of communicating but he also got to practice in real time the art of putting these skills into action with his coach. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Through our professional coaching and mentoring you will grow the skills, tools and knowledge you need to maximise your impact as a councillor.

    Who is suited to coaching?

    Motivated councillors wanting targeted learning support for their unique professional development. Our coaching packages are available to new and returning councillors.

    Is this a confidential learning experience?

    Yes it is. We do not disclose any information discussed in the coaching sessions.

    What is the delivery method?

    Coaching is generally delivered via live virtual (Zoom) calls. Additional learning resources and content may be delivered via pre-recorded videos and reading materials. None of the content is dry and all of it is useful.

    How do I access the course materials?

    We will use Zoom, email and our specialised learning platform which is easy to access and use.

    Will I have access to my coach?

    Yes you will! You will directly work with one of our coaches. You will be able to contact us via email and phone. Elevate and Lift-off packages include Voxer voice-memo support for duration of coaching period.

    Does coaching contribute to my professional development?

    Yes. Our coaching programs are able to be reported in your professional development obligations as required by the Office of Local Government NSW.

    Who pays for the coaching?

    Councillors may be able to access a professional development budget through their councils. You are also able to purchase our coaching packages personally. Prices shown are inclusive of GST.

    Have more questions?

    We are available to answer your questions at or give Emma a call directly on 0421 180 881.

    Can't decide?

    We can help you make a great decision, with no pressure. 
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