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Knowing your options to address dysfunctional behaviour

Understand the informal and formal pathways available to you and others to take action
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    Ethical action is a non-negotiable of modern leadership

    When dysfunction rears its ugly head in relationships between councillors, with council staff or with your community, it can be difficult to know where to turn and what do on a practical level. It can be tempting to put your head in the sand and hope the behaviour will stop or go away.

    But beware! Standing by and doing nothing is likely to create a permissive environment which enables dysfunctional behaviour to flourish and become the accepted culture. You also become part of the problem rather than the solution. 

    So what can do you? Start by understanding your ethical and legal responsibilities and know what action to take when dysfunction starts to creep into the elected body. 

    Webinar take-aways

    Drawing together the wisdom from our earlier webinars on dysfunction, in this webinar we explain the options available to you and others to address behaviours of concern. 
    You will be equipped with knowledge on what can be done and by whom to address behaviour that is impacting on the functioning of the elected council. We will share: 
    • Specific behaviours which are the hallmarks of dysfunction
    • What action can be taken against individual councillors versus the elected body
    • The difference between informal and formal ways to resolve concerns
    • How to decide the best pathway forward
    • Recent case studies of what can go wrong it you ignore behaviour that falls below the standards expected of councillors

    Your presenter
    Emma Broomfield

    Emma is a qualified mediator and trained lawyer with 20 years experience in the local government industry. In that time, she has worked with hundreds of councillors as a legal advisor, conflict resolution specialist, facilitator, consultant, coach and Code of Conduct reviewer. She has gained deep insights into the unique challenges and common experiences they face in governing large complex organisations in a political environment and under close scrutiny from others. 

    We have more

    This webinar is the final session in a five part series unpacking dysfunction of elected councils, how to avoid it and how to resolve it. The series looks at dysfunction from multiple angles so councillors can be fully informed and up-skilled to keep themselves and the elected group on track to successful outcome delivery for their communities.

    Webinar 1

    Mastering your mindset amidst dysfunction - the individuals role in group dysfunction

    Webinar 2

    Collaborating with your councillor colleagues - how to bring the group together

    Webinar 3

    Building a healthy relationship with the executive team – cohesion with staff counts

    Webinar 4

    Cultivating connection and trust between council and the community 

    Webinar 5

    Knowing when and how to take action to address and resolve dysfunction 

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