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Does the wellbeing of an elected leader matter?

Politics is a high-pressure, high-stakes role. Most would agree it requires a thick skin. So what is the impact when one of our elected leaders is straining under the pressure? And who is responsible
for tending to their mental wellbeing?
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    You are part of the solution

    There is rising evidence and disclosure of lowered mental health among politicians across the globe. Local government councillors in Australia are no exception. They face unique stressors and challenges that are distinctly different to the other leadership roles.

    There is also growing recognition that a leader's mental wellbeing is intrinsically tied to their performance. And in the case of political leaders, their mental health is directly tied to the outcomes for our communities.

    This webinar is for people working within local councils and who want to know more about how to support the wellbeing of their councillors and the performance of their elected council. This includes General Managers, Governance Managers and other council staff who work directly with councillors in their role. Councillors will also find the webinar valuable. 

    We firmly believe that we all have a role to play. Notably, people working within local councils have a powerful influence over the organisational factors that can positively or negatively impact the mental health of a councillor.

    Learn how you can take practical action to bolster the wellbeing of your councillors. 

    Webinar take-aways

    Be at the forefront of positive change and gain a more fluent understanding of the link between what you do and the mental wellbeing of your councillors. 
    In this webinar, we explore a deeper understanding of political wellbeing beyond green smoothies and yoga classes. You will gain:
    • Insights from recent international research
    • Understanding of the complexity of the unique statutory role of a councillor
    • Greater awareness of the unique stressors of being a councillor
    • Clarity on the stigma and barriers to improved mental wellbeing of councillors
    • Access to our thought-leading framework to explore political wellbeing in the context of Australian local government
    • Ideas on how you can enhance a councillor's mental wellbeing and therefore the outcomes of the communities they serve

    Your presenter

    Anna Miley is our mindset and political wellbeing coach. She holds qualifications in exercise physiology, high performance mindset coaching and yoga therapy. Anna’s professional mission is to educate on the power of self-care in leadership. She has a deep understanding of the impact of stress on the body and the mind. She works with leaders to boost performance and reduce the mental load within the context of their unique personal circumstance and professional roles.

    Trailblazing organisation

    At Locale Learning, we believe in humanising the political experience and supporting local elected leaders to reach their leadership potential. In 2023 we were recognised by the Apolitical Foundation as a trailblazing organisation for the work we do in providing practical support to councillors to improve their wellebing.  Our mission is to share ideas on useful ways to bolster the mental health of elected leaders, with positive outcomes for communities in mind. 

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