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Tune into our monthly fireside chat with a real life candidate as we explore the questions that are top of mind of every candidate 
Diary of a candidate - Podcast - Locale Learning

Go behind the corflute signs

Welcome to 'Diary of a Candidate' - the podcast series that goes behind the corflute signs to follow the journey of a courageous community member putting her hand up for election.

What is it?

A six part podcast series that explores the questions that real-life candidates are asking about becoming a councillor.

Who is this for?

Aspiring candidates who want a fresh perspective and a new way to find answers to the questions they are thinking.

Why listen?

Discover answers to 'front of mind' candidate questions - listen along in the car, on your walk or with your cuppa.  

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 Join us each episode as we follow alongside Nicole in her candidate journey. We dive deep into the questions that she is contemplating as she decides whether to put her hat in the ring for the upcoming local government elections in New South Wales. 
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In this episode, we explore the first question…..what is actually involved in being a councillor? In other words, what’s the real deal on being a councillor.

We dispel some common myths, explain the difference between holding civic office and being an employee, and share ten realities of the job that may surprise you.

Show note links:
 NSW legislation website
 Office of Local Government Councillor Handbook
 Candidate checklist

In this episode, we dive into the million dollar question – how much does a councillor actually get paid? Knowing the answer to this question is critical for any candidate. 

And the answer to the question is not straight-forward. We explain the nuances around your pay and conditions, and why the structure for renumeration is in a need of a refresh.

Show note links:
 Local Government Renumeration Tribunal
 Apolitical Foundation - Mere Mortals Report

In this episode, we explore the question – what skills, knowledge and personal qualities will I need to succeed in the role.

And underlying that, the deeper and perhaps more challenging question that candidates ask themselves – am I cut out for the job? 

Show note links:
 Office of Local Government Induction and Professional Development Guidelines
 Political leadership skills reflection tool
 Women for Election Equip program
 Blog on transferrable leadership skills
 Candidate launchpad challenge

In this episode, we talk about how to actually get your name on the ballot paper.  This step is absolutely critical - if you don't do this properly, then you cannot get elected.

We explain the eligibility criteria, what makes you disqualified from standing for civic office and the difference between registering and nominating as a candidate.

Show note links:
Australian Electoral Commission - check your enrolment
 NSW Electoral Commission - check your enrolment
 Section 275, Local Government Act 1993
  NSW Electoral Commission - candidate resources 

In this episode, we explore the question that is top of mind for every candidate - how many hours will I need to dedicate to the role?

The answer to this one is a bit tricky as it depends on your personal circumstances and the time and capacity you have to dedicate to the role. 

Show note links:
  Australian Local Government Women's Association
 Candidate information recordings

 This podcast is not an endorsement of Nicole's campaign.

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Your podcast host & guest

At Locale Learning we believe in humanising the political experience and supporting local elected leaders to reach their leadership potential. 

Emma Broomfield
Founder & lead facilitator

Your podcast host is Emma - a qualified mediator, lawyer and conflict coach with 20 years experience in the local government industry. Her passion is helping communities work better together. She strongly believes in the power of local leaders to transform local communities and is endlessly curious about how we can better support our elected leaders, and in turn help our local communities thrive. She has listened to many stories and experiences of councillors including what they wish they knew before being in the role.

Nicole Turnbull

Our podcast guest is Nicole Turnbull - a courageous leader and trailblazer who shines a light on the dark side of our workplaces through her innovative business, Neon Shed. Her passion is creating safe, courageous, and thriving workplaces. Nicole lives on the mid-north coast of NSW and is embarking on her first election campaign for the 2024 New South Wales local government elections. Nicole will be sharing her journey as a first time as candidate and exploring the questions that are top of her mind.

More information for candidates

The information on this podcast is general in nature. It is your responsibility as a candidate to understand all aspects of the conduct of local government elections in your particular jurisdiction including whether you need to complete mandatory training as a candidate. For detailed guidance on regulations and legislative requirements: 

 If you are candidate in the Queensland local government elections, check with the Queensland Electoral Commission and the Department of State Development and Infrastructure 

 If you are candidate in the New South Wales local government elections, check with the NSW Electoral Commission and the NSW Office of Local Government

 If you are candidate in the Victorian local government elections, check with the Victorian Electoral Commission and Victorian Government 
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